Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System (KMS) Screen Shots

The screen shots for KMS illustrate various components of the system. KMS is designed to move from task to task and generate each type of information within a couple of seconds.

  1. XML Markup illustrates the hierarchy and depth of tagging for each sentence in a document.
  2. Document Contents and Keywords illustrates how KMS organizes a file into documents and indicates the result of generating keywords for each document.
  3. Question Lists illustrates a basic organization of questions in KMS, facilitating reuse of questions against different document repositories.
  4. Answers to Questions shows the question and the answers that were generated from the document repository, with each answer in parentheses preceding the sentence from which it was derived, and showing below the XML markup for the sentence from which the answer was drawn.
  5. General Summary shows a summary derived from multiple documents, with the length of the summary specified in characters, words, or sentences of any length.
  6. Topic-Based Summary shows how any set of terms can be used to focus in on sentences most pertinent to that topic.
  7. Semantic Categories shows how it is possible to examine noun phrases that are semantically tied together based on semantic tags (following WordNet).
  8. Semantic Instances shows the sentences associated with a set of semantically-group phrases.
  9. Ontology illustrates part of a hierarchy of terms that is generated from one or more documents using string matching and other ontology generation techniques.

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