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Select the CL Research demo or DIMAP dictionary you wish to download and fill out the form below. This data is used only to gather statistics on the interest in our products or to communicate with you if the demo or dictionary is updated or you have any questions. Then press the Submit button to bring up the instructions for downloading. (Note that after downloading one item, you may return to this page and download another without re-entering the information. Also, note that viewing any of the dictionaries requires that you also download the DIMAP demo. For more details on each of these items, see Demos or Electronic Dictionaries.)

DIMAP Dictionary Maintenance Programs Demo (demo)
CL Research/Proximity Parser Demo (demo)
MCCALite 0.7 for Windows (demo)
FrameNet Explorer for Windows (demo)
CL Research XML Analyzer (demo)
Alphabetic Version of WordNet (3.0) (dict)
Alphabetic UMLS Specialist Lexicon (dict)
Alphabetic FrameNet Dictionary (dict)
The Preposition Project (TPP) Data (dict)
Frame Element Dictionary (dict)
The Preposition Project (TPP) Corpora (corp)
Pattern Dictionary of English Prepositions (data)
Raw UMLS Specialist Lexicon (data)

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