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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementUser
Number of Definitions4
Number of Children0
Path to TopUser -> Person -> Entity -> Top


Definitions of User
Duration_relationEAn individual that deploys a resource to receive a benefit. The construction that introduces this FE is idiosyncratic, combining with last (in this frame), cost , and take --and more marginally see (in "saw me through the winter") and keep (in "It 'll keep me for a while .") In this frame, the resource maps onto the Entity , and the benefit is the Eventuality .
GizmoPUser identifies the person who (typically) uses a particular tool.
InfrastructureCThe people for whom the infrastructure is designed to be used by. In the cases where the constituent denoting the user also evokes the Activity , we annotate this on the second FE layer.
SuitabilityCThis FE marks expressions that indicate a User to whom