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Preposition Classes: General

In The Preposition Project (TPP), each sense was assigned a semantic relation type by the lexicographer. These types were grouped together into 20 larger classes. The assignment of these two labels was a local decision, that is, without any a priori theoretical perspective. Once completed, the overall collection of these classifications are amenable to more […]

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Preposition meaning: syntactic reflex and semantic relation coverage

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines preposition as “a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause”.  A few years ago, Bill Dolan, quoting Lucy Vanderwende (both of the Microsoft NLP group), suggested that prepositions are essentially just syntactic reflexes that have […]

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Frame element hierarchy

O’Hara and Wiebe (2009) provide an inventory of semantic relations derived from the frame elements of FrameNet, along with a mapping identifying what was done for semantic roles occurring at least 50 times. They also discuss a number of other schemes for identifying a set of basic semantic relations or roles. Marquez et al. (2008) […]

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