DIMAP-4 Ordering Information

DIMAP-4 operates on PC-compatibles under Windows 9x, WindowsNT, WindowsXP, and Vista and on MACs using SoftWindows and will be made available electronically upon purchase. The purchase comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee if you find DIMAP unsuitable for any reason. We guarantee that you will have access to updates online for at least 6 months after purchase, including changes made during TREC-9 (which will benefit from our association with a dictionary/thesaurus publisher). You may submit bug reports (that will be fixed) and feature suggestions (that will be considered).

To purchase DIMAP-4, complete the form below and send US$300 (in a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank); your user name and password will be activated immediately upon receipt. We cannot directly accept credit card payments at this time; however, you may now pay with a secure credit card transaction through PayPal. Please send an email message containing the information in the order form and we will activate your user name and password with 24-48 hours of our notification of receipt by PayPal (which is usually immediate).

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We ask that you specify your user name and password (4 or more letters or digits) precisely as you want to use them, that is, choosing upper- or lowercase. If you do not provide them, we will assign them and let you know when they have been created.

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Telephone: __________________________________________________
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Desired User Name: ___________________________________________
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