Disambiguation Features

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  1. Sense Information for Disabiguation: Confluence of Supervised and Unsupervised Methods

  2. CL Research WSD System

  3. Lexical Sample Coarse-Grained Precision

  4. Features Used in Disambiguation

  5. Comparative Analysis of Features Used in WordNet and NODE Disambiguation

  6. Overall Observations About Features

  7. Default Sense Selection

  8. Multiword Units and Collocations

  9. Local and Global Contexts

  10. Subcategorization Patterns

  11. Word Forms and Usage

  12. Lexical Preferences

  13. General Observations About Feature Analysis

  14. Comparison with Features Identified in Other Disambiguation Systems

  15. Future of Feature Analysis

  16. Conclusions

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July 05, 2002 (Friday)

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