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Electronic Dictionaries


Organization and Definitions of Electronic Dictionaries

The primary purpose of this page is to provide links to lexical data that is publicly available and can be downloaded for use in other systems. We try to identify data that is freely available and useful for research purposes, and note where license agreements are required.

The section Lists and files with linguistic information requires more than simple word lists. Some piece of linguistically-useful information must be attached to individual words. Minimally, this can include frequency counts (based on some corpus), part of speech, or grouping of words according to some linguistic principle. Preferably, a list will have many types of data associated with each lexical item, such as pronunciation, definitions, usage notes and labels, subcategorization patterns, feature names and values, morphological information, semantic relations with other lexical items, and collocational information.

The section Ontologies and semantic networks provides links to publicly available lexical data containing links representing relations between lexical items.

The sections Links to on-line lookup dictionaries and thesauruses and Links to links to on-line lookup dictionaries and thesauruses provide links to the many sources that can be used to look up individual words, either monolingual or multilingual. These sources typically do not allow any downloading of multiple words and provide on-line interfaces for searching their databases.

The section Other major electronic dictionaries identifies and provides links to commercially available dictionaries, typically available on CD-ROM.

Lists and Files with Linguistic Information