Treatment of “outside” and “outside of”


It appears that the NODE/DIMAP and ODE inventories are slightly different, though this may only be a mistake in the way the DIMAP data is presented in the No Instances file. In any case, I’ve followed the ODE inventory, as always.


The Instances file for outside contains outside of, but in the event, FrameNet has only one tagged instance of outside of. I marked this “1(1) oo” in the instances file, to prevent confusion with sense 1(1) of outside. The dearth of outside of instances is probably due to the fact that this is all British data and outside of is mainly a North American locution. The main sense of outside of is, in any case, a substitute for outside in two senses. The other meaning of outside of (the “exception” sense) is not noted in FrameNet, but is fairly common in American English.


No new senses were added.