Version History for WN (3 changes) Add
2I30102011-03-09 15:40:34An installation executable for the DIMAP WordNet 3.0 alphabetic dictionary makes it easier to install the package. Instead of unzipping the files, links to the dictionary are installed on the Windows Start Menu. Additional links to the WordNet Heads dictionary and the help file describing this dictionary are provided. A menu option is also provided for completely removing the installation. Installation also registers this dictionary as the WordNet source integrated into DIMAP (see File | Preferences).
16I30102011-03-01 12:56:33Installation of WordNet has been made contingent on the presence of DIMAP. This ensures that a user can in fact view DIMAP dictionaries.
1N30012008-07-31 12:58:39WordNet (3.0) has been totally converted into alphabetical format in a DIMAP dictionary.