Version History for MCCA (8 changes) Add
13B05102011-04-16 18:47:19Modified installation executable to correct the Start Menu path that precluded installation on Windows Vista. This problem did not seem to pose a problem on Windows 7 or Windows XP.
10N05012011-03-21 16:36:29Added the ability to save output tables to open Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or to CSV files that can be used for further statistical processing.
9N05012011-03-21 16:12:46Packaged MCCA into an installation executable for simplified installation and consistent location of necessary files. Installation will place MCCA onto the Windows Start Menu for easier access. The Start Menu will also provide a link to the MCCA Help file and a link to remove all traces of MCCA if you decide to uninstall it.
7B05012011-02-12 17:49:54Fixed problem of not being able to process a new file without shutting down MCCA and starting again. Using File | Open or pushing the Input File button to open a new file will now revert to the Setup screen to begin processing the new file.
6B05012011-02-12 17:47:35Ensured that the frequent words file is properly accessed in the local directory where MCCA is installed.
5B05012011-02-12 17:45:01Ensured that the help file is accessible from the Help button and for each field using the F1 key, when a control on the interface has focus.
4I05012011-02-12 17:42:09Added hint to tables to right-click to print tables to external files.
8B05012011-02-02 17:59:55Fixed link references in Help file.