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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementUse
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Definitions of Use
AccoutrementsPThis FE identifies the purpose for which an Accoutrement is worn or made.
AmmunitionPThe use for which a piece of ammunition is intended.
ArtifactPThe use for which an artifact is intended.
Body_decorationPThis FE identifies the Use to which a body decoration is put.
Building_subpartsPNo Definition
ClothingPThis FE identifes the Use for which a Garment is worn or was made.
ConnectorsPThe items that a Connector usually attaches or the type of activity the attaching is generally for.
ContainersPUse identifies the purpose for which an artifact is constructed and the activity with which it is associated, or the Contents protypically contained in the Container .
ElectricityEThe intended Use of the Electricity .
FastenerPThis FE identifies the purpose for which an Fastener is made.
GizmoPThis FE identifies the prototypical Use of a tool or device.
IngredientsCThe purpose for which the Material is intended.
LawPThe use for which a law is intended.
LocaleEThe activity that is carried out in the Locale .
Locale_by_ownershipEThe activity that is carried out in the Locale .
Locale_by_useCThe activity that is carried out in the Locale .
MoneyEThe use for which the Money is intended or designed.
Noise_makersPThe use for which an Noise_maker is intended.
Physical_artworksPThe use for which the Artifact is intended.
RoadwaysPThe Use is the purpose of the Roadway .
StoreCThe future Use for the Resource .
SubstanceEThe purpose for which the Substance is intended.
TextPThe use for which the text was produced; its purpose.
VehiclePThe task which the Vehicle is put to. Normally, this includes the transportation of some kind.
WeaponPThe type of activity that the Weapon is generally involved in. Often this can be considered a kind of Type specification also.