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Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementTime_of_creation
Number of Definitions13
Number of Children0
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Definitions of Time_of_creation
AccoutrementsPThe time at which the Accoutrement was created.
AmmunitionPThe time at which an Ammunition comes into existence.
ArtifactEThe time at which an Artifact comes into existence.
BuildingsEThe time at which the Building comes into existence.
ClothingPThe time at which the Creator makes the Garment .
ConnectorsPThe time at which the Connector comes to be.
FastenerPThe time at which the Fastener comes into existence.
LawPThe time at which a Law comes into existence.
MoneyEThe time at which an Money comes into existence or begins to be circulated.
Noise_makersPThe time at which a Noise_maker comes into existence.
Physical_artworksPThe time at which an Artifact comes into existence.
TextEThe Time at which the Text was created.
WeaponPThe time at which a Weapon comes into existence.