Frame Element Taxonomy

Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementText
Number of Definitions10
Number of Children5
Path to TopText -> Medium -> Situation -> State -> Top


Definitions of Text
Attributed_informationCA written or verbal collection of statements, which imparts the information of the Proposition .
MediumCThe written source, body of work, or linguistic utterance in which the Item is found/expressed.
ReadingCThe entity that contains linguistic symbols.
Reading_aloudCA piece of writing, the source from which the Speaker reads.
SuasionCA piece of written or spoken material that changes the mind of the Addressee .
TextCThe Text is the entity that contains linguistic information.
Text_creationCThe entity which results from the act of writing or speaking.
Text_scenarioCA set of propositions that is coherent in being about a Topic .
TopicCA set of propositions that is coherent in being about a Topic
VolubilityCText is rarely expressed because the quantity of information given is the focus of the frame, rather than the information content. Texts can occur as NP objects, but cannot be either direct quotes or complement clauses.