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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementState_of_affairs
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Definitions of State_of_affairs
ComplianceCA State_of_Affairs may violate a law or rule.
ReasonCThe eventuality that motivates the Agent "s performing a particular Action in response to it.
CoincidenceCA State_of_affairs (that is, an event or state) that holds independently of (potentially) causally-related States of affairs.
Continued_state_of_affairsCA state which holds prior to and up through the Reference_occasion .
DeservingCAn Eventuality or an Entity that is taken to constitute sufficient reason for taking another Action .
Desirable_eventCThe State_of_affairs that the speaker finds desirable.
DestinyCThe State_of_affairs that is destined to occur to the Protagonist.
Disgraceful_situationCThe entity or event which brings disgrace upon the Protagonist .
Explaining_the_factsCA fact whose cause is under consideration.
FeigningCThe State_of_affairs is a an event, a state, or a property that the Agent wants others to believe have occurred or hold.
JustifyingCA State_of_affairs that the Agent is held responsible for.
LuckCThe State of affairs that is evaluated.
PermittingCThe State_of_affairs is the situation that is permitted by the Principle .
Prevent_from_havingCThe is the situation, state-of-affairs, or state of having a possession that the Protagonist is kept from having.
ProhibitingCNo Definition
Seeking_to_achieveCA state or event that the Agent wants to bring about. The Agent may but need not be a participant in that State_of_affairs .
SubversionCA state or event that is ongoing and whose continuance or unfolding is impeded.
SummarizingCThe State_of_affairs is summarized by the Communicator .
Turning_outCThe state of affairs that a cognizer realizes.