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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementStandard
Number of Definitions9
Number of Children1
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Definitions of Standard
AssessingEAn entity that the Phenomenon is compared to in the assessment.
Beyond_compareCThe Standard is the entity that is located closest to the end of the scale evoked by some Variable .
ConductPAn explicit point to which the conduct of the Agent is compared
DifficultyPThe experience of the Activity by the Experiencer may be compared to a Standard situation, which may be evoked either as an event or state, or by reference to a salient participant.
ForgingCThe Standard is the actually existing or imagined (kind of) thing that the Agent wants to pass the Forgery off as.
ImitatingCThe Standard is the entity that exhibits a certain Characteristic that the Agent models their own behavior on.
Meet_specificationsCA condition or requirement that the Agent , Entity , or Event attempt to meet.
SatisfyingCThe condition or requirement that the Agent , Entity , or Event satisfy (or not).
SizePThe size of the Entity may be compared to the size of a Standard .