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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementSalient_entity
Number of Definitions13
Number of Children0
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Definitions of Salient_entity
Activity_ready_stateCAn entity which stands in metonymically for the Activity .
Being_activeCAn entity acted upon by the Agent .
FieldsCA physical or abstract entity that is characteristically associated with the Activity .
FrequencyCAn entity which the implicit cognizer encounters with the specified frequency.
Holding_off_onCAn entity that evokes a contextually inferrable Desirable_action that the Agent is temporarily forgoing.
PossibilitiesCAn entity intimately involved in the Event .
ProjectCAn entity (abstract or concrete) which is involved in an implicit Activity .
Remembering_experienceCA person or thing that the Cognizer remembers as being involved in some state or event or as having some property.
Remembering_to_doCThe Salient_entity is a person or thing that the Cognizer needs to affect or effect when carrying out the Action .
ScopeCThe entity which enables or causes the Event being judged.
SystemCThe kind of entity that the Complex operates on as part of its Function .
WaitingCA concrete or abstract entity that the Protagonist expects to participate in an Expected_event , typically that of arriving at the Place of the Protagonist .
Working_onCAn entity that is centrally involved in the Goal that the Agent is attempting to acheive.