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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementQuestion
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Definitions of Question
Be_in_agreement_on_assessmentCThis FE denotes an implicit question in response to which the Cognizers give their Opinion s, which are then assessed for their similarity. The Question may concern the identitiy of a particular entity, as in the first example below, or it may be of the yes/no-type, as in the second example below.
Estimated_valueCAn open proposition for which the Cognizer has approximated the Value of a variable.
EstimatingCAn open proposition for which the Cognizer seeks to approximate the Value of a variable.
Explaining_the_factsCAn open proposition concerning the cause of the State_of_affairs .
Point_of_disputeCThe Question is an open proposition the answer to which is under dispute.
ResearchCA significant unanswered open proposition which the Researcher is attempting to resolve.