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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementProtagonist
Number of Definitions32
Number of Children6
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Definitions of Protagonist
Activity_ready_stateCThis FE identifies the Protagonist in the initial state of an activity.
Bearing_armsCThe individual that possesses a Weapon .
Being_awakeCThe entity that is not sleeping.
Change_postureCThe individual whose posture changes.
ComplianceCThe Protagonist 's behavior is in or out of compliance with norms.
CustomCThis Frame Element marks expressions that indicate whose entrenched Behavior is at issue.
Cycle_of_life_and_deathCProtagonist identifies the being or entity that is dead or alive.
Dead_or_aliveCProtagonist identifies the being or entity that is dead or alive.
DeathCThe FE Protagonist is the being or entity that dies. With verbs in this frame, the Protagonist is the External Argument.
Deny_permissionCThe Protagonist wants to engage in an Action , but is ordered not to by the Authority .
DestinyCThe Protagonist is the one for whom the future State_of_affairs is destined.
Disgraceful_situationCThe person or organization responsible for the occurrence of the State_of_affairs .
DyingCThe FE Protagonist is the being or entity that dies.
ExpertiseCThe person whose expertise is assessed.
Getting_upCThe person or animal that has slept in a particular place and now leaves it to engage in other activities.
Going_back_on_a_commitmentCThe Protagonist is the person who has committed themselves to do something and later does not follow through on it.
Health_responseCThe Protagonist occurs as the External Argument of the targets in this frame. The Protagonist represents the one exhibiting the response to the Trigger .
HinderingCThe Protagonist is the entity that tends towards or plans some Action which the Hindrance causes to be more difficult.
Influence_of_event_on_cognizerCA person or self-directed entity whose actions may potentially change the mind of the Cognizer .
Losing_itCThis is the person (or people) whose mental state changes.
LuckCThe Protagonist is the one for whom the destiny is evaluated.
Mental_propertyCThis is the person (or people) to whom a mental property is attributed. The FE may be expressed as External Argument of a predicative use of the adjective, as a PP Complement, or as the head noun modified by an attributive use of the adjective:
Prevent_from_havingCThe Protagonist is the person who is kept from having the State_of_affairs .
RashnessCThe Protagonist acts or is apt to act with some degree of consideration regarding the circumstances and possible consequences of an Action he or she may perform.
RelianceCThe person or thing whose needs are served by the Means action.
ResurrectionCThe being or entity that becomes living again.
Rising_to_a_challengeCThe Protagonist who is exerting effort to meet the pre-conditions for participating in the Activity .
Run_riskCThe person who is at risk of some Bad_outcome
SociabilityCThe Protagonist is the person whose sociability is being described.
Successful_actionPThe Protagonist is the deprofiled individual who makes an attempt to achieve a Goal by performing the Means action, which may involve using an Instrument .
ThwartingCThe Protagonist is the individual or group of individuals who have a planned Action which is prevented by the Preventing_cause
WaitingCThe sentient being who cannot proceed with their planned activities until a Salient_entity has arrived or an Expected_event has occurred.