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Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementProfiled_region
Number of Definitions9
Number of Children3
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Definitions of Profiled_region
Collocation_image_schemaCA region of space located at a Ground .
Contact_image_schemaCA region of space in contact with a Ground .
Containment_relation_ISCThe interior region of the Landmark , within which the Trajector is to be found.
GoalCThe location (located with respect to the Landmark ) which is profiled by the particular image schema pertaining to the locative relation.
Image_schemaCA region of space located relative to a Ground .
InCNo Definition
IntoCNo Definition
Proximity_image_schemaCA region of space located relative to a Ground .
Trajector-LandmarkCThe region which has a particular shape, orientation, size, and location (literal or metaphorical) with respect to the Landmark . The shape of the Profiled_region is virtually always incorporated in the target. This shaped region usually includes the location of the Landmark , as seen with in.prep, at.prep, on.prep , but may also do exactly the opposite, as with away from.prep .