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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementProcess
Number of Definitions17
Number of Children1
Path to TopProcess -> Event -> Act -> Top


Definitions of Process
Cause_to_continueCA Process that is maintained by the Agent .
Cause_to_endCName of the event which is brought to an end.
Cause_to_resumeCThe process which begins again after a suspension.
Interrupt_processCThe Process goes into a paused state due to the Cause or Actor .
Launch_processCThis Frame Element marks expressions that indicate the process that the Agent initiates.
Left_to_doCThe activity that is being applied to the mass or the set of entities.
Measure_durationCThe activity or state that takes place during the period of time under discussion.
ProcessCName of the Process which occurs.
Process_completed_stateCThis FE identifies the name of the Process that occurs.
Process_endCName of the event which occurs.
Process_initial_stateCThe overall process which is about to begin.
Process_pauseCThe Process which is halting.
Process_resumeCThe Process which is being resumed.
Process_stopCThe Process which is halting.
Process_stopped_stateCThe overall event which is stopped.
Process_uncompleted_stateCThis FE identifies the name of the Process that occurs.
Temporal_patternCThe larger event that is characterized by the recurring Subevents.