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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementPractice
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Number of Children1
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Definitions of Practice
Mental_propertyCSome of the words in this frame have a slightly different use in that they evaluate someone only with respect to their mental performance in some particular domain or capacity. We call this domain or capacity Practice . E.g., She is astute at math . Note that this does not mean she is considered to be astute in general for doing math. Rather, she is astute with respect to math, but may be dumb with respect to other things. These uses probably belong in a different frame with words such as skilled , but for the time being they are marked with the FE Practice. General Grammatical Observations: The adjectives in this frame may exhibit Extraposition of a to -marked infinitive VP, with an optional Protagonist expressed in an of -PP: It was brilliant (of you) to invite the clowns to the party .