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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementPerceiver_passive
Number of Definitions3
Number of Children0
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Definitions of Perceiver_passive
AppearancePThe Perceiver_passive experiences some perception without necessarily intending to, but makes a judgment about the Phenomenon . The Perceiver_passive generally occurs in a PP Complement.
Perception_experienceCThis FE is the being who has a perceptual experience, not necessarily on purpose. It is typically expressed as an External Argument.
SensationCThis FE is only expressed with certain nouns in this frame, and then only with the help of a support verb, such as have : With most nouns in this frame, a perceiver can only be expressed as the subject of a perception verb such as detect or sense : In sentences like these the perceiver-denoting expression is not annotated because it is introduced by another perception word, which is treated independently in a different frame.