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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementPatient
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Definitions of Patient
BunglingCPatient is the entity affected by the Agent 's bungling of an Action .
Cause_change_of_strengthCThe Patient is the entity that is being made stronger.
Cause_to_be_sharpCThe Patient is the entity that is sharpened.
Change_resistanceCThe Patient is the entity that is being made more resistant.
CureCThis is the sufferer of the injury, disease or pain and can occur as an NP Object in this frame. However, Patient may not be expressed as a separate Frame Element but frequently occurs as the possessor of the Affliction, an example of FE Conflation: (See section on Conflation.) The Patient may therefore not be tagged in a sentence although explicitly identified.
DamagingCThe entity which is affected by the Agent so that it is damaged.
Dominate_competitorCThe Patient is trying to gain control of a situation, but ends up being subject to the control and influence of the Agent .
GroomingCThe patient is the person who gets washed.
ImmobilizationCThe Patient is immobilized by the Agent , optionally to an Anchor .
InstitutionalizationCThe person who is committed to a facility with a view towards helping them mentally or physically.
Intentionally_affectCPatient is the entity acted on and that may, but need not, undergo a change.
Medical_conditionsCThis FE is used for the patient, entity, or population (originally) affected by the condition or illness.
RecoveryCThe Patient may either be expressed as the External Argument or, as in Health.Cure, may occur as the possessor of the Affliction (an example of FE conflation): In the second example, Pat's wound is the Body_part , but Pat's is also an instantiation of the Patient .
Transitive_actionCPatient is the entity that is being acted on and that may but need not undergo a change.