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Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementPartner_1
Number of Definitions3
Number of Children0
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Definitions of Partner_1
CollaborationCWhen the parties in a collaboration are expressed separately, this Frame Element marks constituents that express the one that is grammatically more prominent, i.e., the one that is the subject of an active clause.
Forming_relationshipsCThe individual who comes to form a relationship with Partner_2.
Personal_relationshipCThat partner in the Relationship who is realized as the subject of verbs in active form sentences, or of adjectives in predicative uses. When the target word is a noun (e.g. mistress, lover, bachelor), that noun is annotated as Partner_1 and, if there is one, the other member of the Relationship is Partner_2 . When there is a word other than the target that refers to Partner_1 , that word is tagged rather than the target.