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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementOffense
Number of Definitions9
Number of Children1
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Definitions of Offense
ArrestCOffense identifies the ordinary language use of the reason for which a Suspect is arrested.
ArsonCThe illegal setting of fire to destroy something.
Criminal_processCThis FE identifies the Offense which the Defendant is accused of committing.
ForgivenessCThe Offense is the illicit or unpleasant act committed by the Evaluee .
ImprisonmentPThe action that the Prisoner is being punished for.
OffensesCThe illegal act.
PardonCThis FE denotes the the illegal act that the Offender is pardoned for.
SentencingCThe illegal action of which the Convict has been found guilty and for which they are punished.
Severity_of_offenseCThe Offense is the action, crime, or event which is described in terms of what legal or punishing action can be taken against the offender.