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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementLocation_of_protagonist
Number of Definitions4
Number of Children0
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Definitions of Location_of_protagonist
AimingEThe location from which the proto-agent acts or perceives. This does not include the location of a thing which is affected or perceived in the event.
InstallingEThis frame element specifies the location of the Agent (or of parts of their body) in cases where the Agent cannot manipulate the Component in straightforward fashion during the installation.
ObviousnessEThe physical location of a Perceiver of the Phenomenon or a metaphorical point-of-view location of a cognizer relative to the Phenomenon .
Reveal_secretEThis frame element is used to indicate the location of a participant in cases where the multiple participants of an event are not co-located in the typical fashion. In Release 1.2, this FE has various frame-specific names including Location of perceiver, or Location of participant; it was even (incorrectly) labelled Place in some frames.