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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementLocation
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Definitions of Location
Abounding_withCLocation is the object or area that the Theme fills or covers. This frame element generally occurs as the External Argument.
AdorningCLocation is the entity or area with respect to which the Theme 's spatial arrangement is described. This frame element generally occurs as an NP Object.
ArrangingPThe place in which the Theme is put into a Configuration .
Being_locatedCA salient entity that the Theme is located with respect to.
Change_posturePThe place or setting in which the Protagonist 's change of posture takes place.
DimensionPLocation identifies the sub-region of the Object where the Dimension is measured.
Expected_location_of_personCThe Location is the place of business or residence prototypically occupied by the Person .
Hair_configurationPWhere the salient part of the hair is.
Knot_creation_scenarioEWhere the manipulation of the Rope takes place.
Lively_placeCThe Location where a lot of activity is taking place, or prototypically takes place.
LocatingCThe position of the Sought_entity .
Manipulate_into_shapeEWhere the manipulation of the Theme takes place.
People_by_residencePThe place in which the Residents or the Indicated_resident reside.
PostureCA description of the position of the Agent . The Location of the Agent is frequently expressed and generally occurs as a PP Complement:
PresenceCThe Location of the Entity . The Location is conceived as a ground for an event of inspection to determine the presense of the Entity .
PrisonPThis FE marks expressions that indicate the Location of the Penal Institution.
RemainderPThe place where the Resource is found.
ResidenceCThe place in which somebody resides.
Rope_manipulationEWhere the manipulation of the Rope takes place.
StoringCThe location where the Theme is kept.
Temporary_stayCThe Location where the Guest spends a short amount of time.