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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementIssue
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Definitions of Issue
Confronting_problemCThis FE identifies the Issue that the Agent deals with.
Fighting_activityPThe Issue over which Fight happens.
Giving_inCThe matter, usually concerning a course of action, in which the Capitulator has disagreed with the Compeller .
Hostile_encounterCAn unresolved question over which the two sides of a hostile encounter are in disagreement. Quite often it takes the form of a covert question of various sorts. So in an example like: among many other possibilities, the covert question might be more explicitly phrased as follows:
QuarrelingCThe the thing the the Arguers are arguing over or about.
StrictnessCThe Agent may be strict or lenient with respect to a particular matter or situation. Issue occurs in PP Complements, usually headed by about : The city council is strict about pollution control .
Taking_sidesCThe matter, usually concerning a course of action, which the Cognizer has an positive or negative opinion about.
Waver_between_optionsCThe Issue is a question about a course of action or a choice between items.