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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementInterlocutors
Number of Definitions2
Number of Children2
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Definitions of Interlocutors
ChattingCThe group of individuals involved in chatting.
DiscussionCIn some sentences both participants are expressed by the Subject, and there is no 'with'-phrase (cf example 1). In sentences like this, the Subject is assigned the FE role Interlocutors . In such sentences, the Subject always denotes more than one person, and it is understood that the reciprocal communication takes place between these two (or more) people. The Subject may denote two or more people either through conjunction, as in example 1, or through plurality, as in example 2, or by denoting a group, as in example 3. In each of these cases the FE Interlocutors is assigned. Notice that for nouns in the Discussion frame, it is possible for the Interlocutors role to be expressed by a prepositional phrase as in example 4.