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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementIndividuals
Number of Definitions13
Number of Children3
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Definitions of Individuals
AggregateCThis FE identifies the people or things that form the Aggregate .
AssembleCThe Individuals are self-movers who intentionally assemble together.
Come_togetherCThe Individuals are self-movers who come together.
DispersalCThe Individuals are scattered by the Agent .
EncounterCThe Individuals are self-movers who unintentionally meet up.
Gathering_upCThis FE identifies the entities that come together to form an Aggregate.
Lively_placeCThe Individuals are engaged in the Activity , creating a lively Location .
Make_acquaintanceCThe persons (or in rare cases animals) that make each other's acquaintance.
QuantityCA collection of entities.
Relation_between_individualsCThe individuals in a (symmetrically construed) Relation to each other.
Relational_quantityCA collection of entities.
Social_connectionCIndividuals have a Connection with each other.
Unemployment_rateCThe group of people whose employment status is considered.