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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementFood
Number of Definitions9
Number of Children3
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Definitions of Food
AgricultureCFood is the item cultivated by the Agriculturist .
Apply_heatCFood is the entity to which heat is applied by the Cook . In instructional imperatives, this FE, which would be used for the (missing) object, is tagged CNI:
Attempt_obtain_food_scenarioCFood is the sought-out item by the Seeker .
FoodCNo Definition
Growing_foodCFood is the item grown by the Grower , which can include things not traditionally eaten, like flowers, etc., or items for other consumption-related uses, like medicines, smokables, etc.
HuntingCFood is the sought-out item by the Hunter .
Hunting_scenarioCFood is the sought-out item by the Hunter .
Hunting_success_or_failureCFood is the item obtained by the Hunter .
TastingCThe entity being tasted or ingested by the Agent .