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Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementExchanger_1
Number of Definitions1
Number of Children1
Path to TopExchanger_1 -> Protagonist_1 -> Protagonist -> Entity -> Top


Definitions of Exchanger_1
ExchangeCIn cases where the Exchangers involved in a conversation are construed as two separate groups with different levels of volitionality or control, this FE identifies the conversational participant with greater semantic and syntactic prominence, as compared with Exchanger_2 . That is, Exchanger_1 is generally encoded as Subject, and peripheral FEs that do not make reference to the event itself generally make reference to Exchanger_1 . Thus a Purpose (or Means , Depictive , or Manner ) is construed to be that of Exchanger_1 , not necessarily that of Exchanger_2 or the group of Exchangers as a whole.