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Frame Element Description

Frame Element Description
Frame ElementContext
Number of Definitions11
Number of Children6
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Definitions of Context
FamiliarityPA situation or source from which the Entity is made more recognizanble to the Cognizer .
First_experiencePA spatial, cultural, or personal delimitation within which the Experience occurs for the first time.
ImpressionPA spatial, cultural, or personal delimitation within which a Figure leaves an Impression on an Audience .
Linguistic_meaningEThe FE Context is used for expressions that indicate under which semantic, collocational, pragmatic or other circumstances a Form has a particular Meaning .
Make_acquaintancePThe Event, frequently a social occasion, during which the Individuals make each other's acquaintance.
Point_of_disputePA state or event within which the Question arises as a problem for the Group .
ReadingPThe context wherein the Reader reads a particular Text .
Remembering_experiencePA situation in which the Cognizer encountered the Salient_entity .
Remembering_informationPA situation or a text from which the Mental_content was acquired.
Spelling_and_pronouncingEThe context wherein the Speaker produces a particular Formal_realization .
Take_place_ofEThe domain in which the New and Old entities function.