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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementBehavior
Number of Definitions14
Number of Children4
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Definitions of Behavior
CustomCThis Frame Element marks expressions that indicate the entrenched Behavior .
FrugalityCSome specific Behavior may be described as frugal or extravagant, rather than attributing the characteristic directly to the Resource_controller .
HospitalityCThe Behavior is the action of the Host on which the evaluation of the Host 's character is based.
InclinationCThe FE Behavior marks expressions that indicate which state or action the Entity tends towards.
Mental_propertyCThe Behavior refers to any action, utterance, belief, or artifact thereof on the basis of which a mental property is attributed to the Protagonist . The meaning of the English word behavior should not be taken to constrain the identity of this frame element too much---conceptually, this frame element includes things that would not normally be described using the word behavior . Note the following examples:
Morality_evaluationCThe assessment of the Evaluee is based on his or her Behavior .
PraiseworthinessCThis FE indicates the Behavior on which the assessment of praiseworthiness is based.
ReportingCThe Behavior is the action or actions for which the Wrongdoer is reported.
Social_behavior_evaluationCThe Behavior is the action of the Individual on which the evaluation of the Individual 's character is based.
Social_interaction_evaluationCThe Behavior is the action of the Evaluee on which the evaluation of the Evaluee 's character is based.
StinginessCThe Behavior is an action of the Resource_controller which is judged to be generous or stingy.
Subjective_influenceCA Behavior that the Cognizer is engaged in independently but whose execution is subsequently influenced by the Situation or Entity .
SuspiciousnessCThe Behavior is the state of affairs or action of the social actor that is regarded as susipcious.
TrendinessCThe Behavior which is trendy.