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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementAuthority
Number of Definitions8
Number of Children3
Path to TopAuthority -> Agent -> Entity -> Top


Definitions of Authority
Deny_permissionCThe Authority orders the Protagonist to not engage in a particular Action .
Exclude_memberCAn empowered subset of the Group which decides to expel its former Member .
InstitutionalizationCThe Authority is the actor carrying out the institutionalization with proper legal authorization, either invested into them in general by the government or granted due to power of attorney over the Patient .
PardonCAuthority is the organization or person taht grants the pardon.
People_by_jurisdictionPThe politically or religiously legitimated persons who govern the Jurisdiction .
Ruling_legallyCThe Authority (which may be the jury, judge, magistrate or court) decides on the Finding .
Submitting_documentsCThe individual or organization that ends up in possession of the Documents and processes them.
SuspicionCThe Authority is the group or person who suspects the Suspect of criminal activity.