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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementAuthorities
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Definitions of Authorities
ArrestCThe Authorities charge the Suspect with commiting a crime, and take him/her into custody.
Crime_scenarioCThe group which is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, and as such have been given the power to investigate Crime s, find Suspect s and determine if a Suspect should be submitted to the Criminal_process.
DetainingCThe Authorities hold the Suspect in custody.
ExtraditionCThe Authorities act on behalf of the Current_jurisdiction , giving up the Suspect to the Crime_jurisdiction.
ImprisonmentCThe Authorities are the institution or actors carrying out the imprisonment.
Releasing_from_custodyCThe Authorities are those who have the official authority to release a Suspect .
ReportingCThe Authorities are the officials, government or otherwise, who handle misbehavior.
SurrenderingCThe Authorities are the officials, government or otherwise, who are in charge of initiating the criminal process.