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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementAffected_party
Number of Definitions6
Number of Children0
Path to TopAffected_party -> Addressee -> Cognizer -> Sentient_entity -> Entity -> Top


Definitions of Affected_party
ConductEA person to whom behavior is directed by the Agent .
DesirabilityEThe Affected_party indicates entities that benefit or suffer from the good or bad quality of the Evaluee .
Fairness_evaluationCThe Affected_party 's treatment is what determines the evaluation of the Actor 's Action .
Going_back_on_a_commitmentCThe individual or group to whom the Protagonist had made the Commitment and who is negatively affected by the Protagonist 's not honoring the Commitment .
Losing_itEA person (or persons) who is saliently affected by the Protagonist 's Action s.
Social_interaction_evaluationCThe Affected_party is the entity which is positively or negatively treated by the Evaluee .