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Frame Element Description
Frame ElementAction
Number of Definitions22
Number of Children11
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Definitions of Action
BunglingCThis FE identifies the Action that the Agent performs incorrectly.
ContritionCThe FE Action marks expressions that indicate a prior action that the Experiencer has come to feel bad about.
DaringCThis FE denotes the Action taken by the Agent .
Deny_permissionCThe Action is what the Protagonist seeks to do, but is ordered not to.
DeservingCAn Action that is taken to be justifiable given the State_of_Affairs .
Exertive_forceCAn action in which the Entity exerts Force .
Fairness_evaluationCThe Action is judged based on how just and appopriate it is to the Affected_party in a particular situation.
Grant_permissionCThe Action is the activitiy of the Grantee that the Grantor permits.
HinderingCThe Action is what the Protagonist desires to do, which is made more difficult by the Hindrance . It can also be a natural act or collective endeavor, not linked to an overt Protagonist .
Influence_of_event_on_cognizerCThe Action that the Cognizer is influenced to do.
LegalityCThe Action is the behavior which complies with or violates the Code .
Losing_itCSomething done by the Protagonist as a result of losing mental equilibrium.
Place_weight_onCThe Action is performed with importance placed on the Consideration .
PracticeCThis FE identifies the Action that the Agent performs intentionally in order to prepare for a later Occasion .
RashnessCThe Action is carried out by the Protagonist with or without regard for the circumstances under which it is performed or consideration of possible consequences.
ReasonCThe action that the Agent performs in response to a State_of_Affairs .
Remembering_to_doCAn Action that the Cognizer is supposed to carry out. This may be a Task imposed specifically on the Cognizer or it may be self- or socially imposed.
Resolve_attempt_scenarioPThis FE identifies the means by which the Goal is achieved (or not).
Run_riskCThe Action that creates the risk.
Subjective_influenceCAn Action that the Cognizer decides to carry out as a consequence of the influence of a Situation or Entity .
Taking_sidesCAn action taken by a Side or a view that the Side takes on an issue which the Cognizer either supports or opposes.
ThwartingCThe Action is the action or event certain individuals desire to bring about which is prevented by the Preventing_cause .